︎ August 28th, 2019

Artist Muse Series: Reselling Clothes in NYC with Alees Yvon

My friend came to visit from California. Together we take steps to better care for the environment, while embracing our love of fashion and unique personal expression.

︎ July 18th, 2019

Close the Camps : NYC Activists Protest ICE and Trump

Immigrants are welcome here! Join my friends and me as we put together a solidarity initiative to support undocumented immigrants in times of deep humanitarian crisis in America.


︎ June 23rd, 2019

Turning 25: What it’s like to be Grown

All about my birthday weekend and thoughts about being on Earth for a quarter of a century. 


︎ June 16th, 2019

Mid-Year Review: 2019 Recap

This video highlights the ups and downs I experienced in the Spring 2019 semester as an art student and activist at Hunter College. Overall, this was a great semester. I learned so much about myself, politics, art, post-secondary education... and I am proud of my determination to make this a great year despite all obstacles!

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