After experiencing censorship both in person and online last year, I created my own website to establish freedom over my self-expression. Here I present a model for a thoughtful life invigorated by passion, resourcefulness, and creativity. The title of this project, ‘artpiledrop’, translates my artistic process into a mantra. Quite simply, I make art. Enough to put into a pile, or multiple piles, messy piles, organized piles... (like how I divide my work into sections on this website.) These piles are ‘dropped’ (released, distributed) through technology or by word-of-mouth.

This website is a protoype for a much larger vision. Ultimately, I would like to develop an app for iOS and Android devices that expands on the concepts I explore here. This app will allow others to engage, on a deeper level, with activists and artists like myself.

A small donation goes a long way in making this app a reality. Please consider donating directly to this endeavor ︎now.

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, send me an ︎email.

Together we can create an innovative and compassionate world.

Thank you, 

Briana Calderón Navarro

Activist, artist, and creator of artpiledrop.